Baritone Rental &
 Euphonium Rental

  • Quality, name brand baritones and euphoniums including Yamaha and Selmer
  • New and Previously Rented instruments
  • Option to buy anytime and 100% of your rent will go toward that purchase!

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Instrument New Like New Good Economy
Baritone** $54.99 $42.99 $34.99 $24.99
Euphonium** $54.99 $42.99 $34.99 $24.99
  • Economy: proper working order, finish worn, cosmetically flawed
  • Good: proper working order, minor scratches and dents
  • Like New: proper working order, hardly rented, cosmetically demo/like new condition
  • New: proper working order, never rented

All rental instruments are in working order and play in tune.

Please note that all rentals are subject to availability at time of rental. ** Minimum 3 month rental.


The baritone horn in American usage is a bugle in the key of G used in drum corps that is usually played by former trombonists/euphoniumists. It has 3 valves and a face forward bell and is the middle voice of a drum corps, between the high sopranos and the low contras. It has a forceful tone, as if sounding like a tenor trumpet.


The euphonium is a valved brass instrument, the tenor member of the tuba family. The appearance of a euphonium is very similar to that of a tuba, and many people not familiar with the instrument sometimes incorrectly call it a tuba. A person who plays euphonium is called a euphoniumist.