Josh H.


Joshua is the drummer for Beyond Ariose and has been teaching with Music Showcase since January of 2009.

About Beyond Ariose-

One of the most exciting Christian HR/progressive bands to emerge from the Tampa, Florida area in a long time. These Four talented beyond their years musicians showcase a very diverse instrumentation and original orchestration in their songs and their live show.

Formed in 2006, these young men have been relentlessly gaining notoriety and a huge following; the likes of which has local promoters and venues baffled. Having won 10 contests including being awarded the title of "Best Band In Florida" by winning the 'Emergenza' National Contest and Battle of the Bands. Their most recent success has awarded them many hours of studio time which they utilized to release their latest EP, a precursor to their second full length album.

With a live show that is as exciting as it is diverse, BEYOND ARIOSE work very hard to make every second entertaining and has been reviewed as such due to their intricate instrumentation and stylistic elements. Their mission is simple: To spread the gospel of Jesus Christ through their music.

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