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Developing the Arts in the Community

Monday, November 1st, 2010

Heather Stump, owner and CEO of Music Showcase and founder of the Florida Academy of Performing Arts, won the award for Development of the Arts in the Community. The award was part of the 2010 Brush Strokes Awards for Excellence in the Arts presented at Center Place in Brandon on October 28, 2010 and sponsored by the Greater Brandon Arts Council.

Music Does Your Body Good

Thursday, September 2nd, 2010

By Debbie Evans

Can music make you feel better or even improve your health? Research shows that music has a profound effect on our minds and bodies. There’s even a healthcare field known as Music Therapy, which uses music to heal. Medical professionals say music therapy benefits cancer patients and children with ADD. It also helps with pain management, to help ward off depression, to promote movement, to calm patients, and to ease muscle tension, just to name a few.

So, what does the research show? Music has a strong beat that stimulates our brain waves so it affects our breathing and heart rate. This can mean slower music brings slower breathing, slower heart rate, and an activation of the relaxation response. So, using music as part of a patient’s therapy can help counteract or prevent the damaging effects of chronic stress and can bring a more positive state of mind, helping to keep depression and anxiety at bay. Music has also been found to lower blood pressure, boost immunity, ease muscle tension, and more.

So, if music does your body good, then why not learn how to play a musical instrument? At Music Showcase, at 402 Oakfield Drive in Brandon, there are more than 50 teachers providing instruction in piano, guitar, drums, band or orchestral instruments, and voice. Lessons are offered Monday through Saturday all year for all ages from beginners to advanced students. So, what are you waiting for? Sign up now at

Music Makes You Smarter

Friday, July 23rd, 2010

By Debbie Evans

It’s called the “Mozart” Effect. Research shows students listening or playing music or Mozart, who was a famous music composer, feel calmer, study longer, retain more, and score higher on tests. A comprehensive series of skill tests were run on 5,154 fifth-graders in all 75 of the Albuquerque, NM elementary schools. IN EVERY SINGLE TEST AREA, kids who were learning to play a musical instrument received higher marks than their classmates. And, the longer the students had been playing the instrument, the higher they scored.

The American Music Conference reports that music makers are more likely to go onto college and other higher education than students that do not play a musical instrument. In fact, they are 52% more likely to attend college.

Tim Lautzenheiser, internationally known speaker, states, “Research shows that students who are in the school band and orchestra are traditionally in the top 25% of their class. On SAT tests, music students scored 38 points higher on verbal test and 21 points higher on math test. It’s not just that the top students are in music. They become top students because they are in music.

Playing music also helps children learn teamwork, discipline, and creativity. The Florida Academy of Performing Arts, located at Music Showcase at 402 Oakfield Drive in Brandon, offers individual and group music classes for ages 4 and up. Lessons are provided for voice and almost every musical instrument. Students learn in soundproof studios from a staff of over 50 qualified teachers. Students also regularly perform in recitals. And, if children don’t have an instrument or are not sure of which one to play, they can try them out in the Mini-Musicians class or participate in the rent-to-own instrument program. So, sign-up now and get smarter!