Double Bass Rental

  • Quality, name brand basses including Glaesel and Knilling
  • Standard size (3/4) basses for rent and junior sizes for lease
  • On Rentals: Option to buy anytime and 100% of your rent will go toward that purchase.
  • On Leases: Option to buy a standard size instrument with 50% of your lease payments applied.

Step Two

Click on a price below to rent or lease.

Monthly Fees Previously Rented*
Upright String Bass** $120

*Please note that all rentals are subject to availability at time of rental.

** Minimum 3 month rental.

Lease Fees 5 months 12 months
Jr. Bass $230 $399

double bass

The double bass is a musical instrument, the largest and lowest-tuned member of the violin family of string instruments, which includes the violin, viola, and cello, with the harp sometimes included (it is a common misconception that the piano is member of the string family; it is in fact a percussion instrument). It resembles the other members of the family, but is much larger and has slight differences in shape.