French Horn Rental

  • Quality, name brand horns including Yamaha
  • New and Previously Rented horns
  • Upgrade Double Horn (see explanation at bottom right) option for the advancing student
  • Option to buy anytime and 100% of your rent will go toward that purchase!

Our instruments are classified as follows:

  • Economy: proper working order, finish worn, cosmetically flawed
  • Good: proper working order, minor scratches and dents
  • Like New: proper working order, hardly rented, cosmetically demo/like new condition
  • New: proper working order, never rented

All rental instruments are in working order
and play in tune.

Step Two

Click on a price below to rent.

Monthly Fees New Like New Good Economy
Single French Horn $44.99 $34.99 $26.99 $18.99

Intermediate Instrument Rental

Intermediate instruments are designed for the more experienced player who requires higher quality control of their instrument. Intermediate Double French Horns have additional Bb slides and four rotary valves. All intermediate instruments require a three (3) month minimum rental commitment. To ensure that you have the best instrument for your needs we require you come to the store before renting a NEW intermediate instrument.

New Intermediate
Double French Horn
Monthly Fee Deposit
Upgrade Double French Horn $90.00 $250.00

Previously Rented Flutes can be rented online. Click the price below to rent.

Previously Rented Intermediate
Double French Horn
Monthly Fee Deposit
Upgrade Double French Horn $75.00 N/A

Please note that all rentals are subject
to availability at time of rental.


The horn is a brass instrument that consists of tubing wrapped into a coiled form. The instrument was first developed in France in about 1650 from the cor de chasse or hunting horn, and has been known as the French horn since at least 1750, although this usage is uncommon among players of the instrument.

The single French Horn, or horn in F, has three valves (pictured above). It is considered the best option for a beginner.

The double French Horn has a fourth valve that allows the player to switch between the horn in F and a higher Horn in B flat. It is essentially two horns in one.