Rental Return Request

Instrument Rental Return Request
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Music Showcase strongly encourages customer to return instrument to the store (402 Oakfield Drive in Brandon), but if the customer cannot, then Music Showcase can arrange for pick-up at the student’s school. Customer is taking a risk leaving the instrument at the school for pick-up and that the customer is responsible for the instrument if it is lost and will be charged for the lost instrument.

The rental account will not close until the instrument is at the store physically and that pick-up by Music Showcase staff may not happen immediately. Customer acknowledges that they are responsible for any damage or missing parts or repairs to the instrument or case that are detected by the repair technicians once the instrument is at Music Showcase. Customer’s account will not be closed until monies owed for past due rental fees, repairs, or replacement parts are paid.

(Please remember this is a rent to own program. 100% of your rental monies is applied to the purchase of the instrument. If you return this instrument and rent again later, you start the rental program over again and all previous monies are lost.)