Alex Crook


Specialization: Electric guitar, Acoustic guitar, Bass guitar, Classical guitar, Ukulele, and Banjo


About Alex

I got my first guitar on my 10th birthday and I’ve been completely obsessed with music ever since. In the 15+ years of me obsessing, I’ve learned how to build/completely restore guitars and other instruments. I’ve had my band sign with a major record label and tour the entire United States several times. I’ve built a recording studio in my house and have learned how to craft and produce records. I’ve even started a company that designs and builds guitar effects pedals.

Growing up I had always aspired to be like my idols such as Eddie Van Halen, Slash, Jimmy Page, John Petrucci, Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, and most importantly my guitar teachers. I took lessons at Music Showcase as a kid for years and the memories I had created there are irreplaceable. When I teach someone, I want them to feel the same exact way that I did growing up.

The number one rule with music is you have to enjoy it with all of your heart and soul. With that being said, I want every single student of mine to experience the same joy that music has given me.

Fun to Know

School of Rock

Van Halen

Building and Modifying Corvettes

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