Tom Kersey


Specialization: Cello and Upright bass


About Tom

Cellist, composer and multi-instrumentalist Tom Kersey is an award-winning veteran of the Tampa Bay music scene who has earned his reputation as a strikingly passionate, versatile and eclectic musical force who defies classification. Mr. Kersey has nearly two decades of experience as a professional musician in many capacities, including performer, recording artist, composer, arranger and educator.

A consummate pedagogue with nearly two decades of experience, Mr. Kersey’s teaching style is a wholistic approach integrating all aspects of musical study, including instrumental technique, music theory, ear training, improvisation, composition, kinesthetics, artistic interpretation and music history.

Part of the joy of teaching music is connecting with other people, getting to know their personalities, their strengths and weaknesses, the unique gifts and talents they have to offer the world, their larger interests and aspirations in life. As such, Mr. Kersey’s lessons are uniquely tailored to fit each and every student based on their musical inclinations, their overall goals and intentions in the study of music. The curriculum and expectations of the student who plays casually and just for fun are different than the student who plans to make a career in music, for the student who wants to play jazz and the student who is more interested in classical music.

For every student and every lesson, Mr. Kersey’s ideal is to share the beauty and power of music with another person in their life’s journey.

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