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Brass Instruments:

The brass instrument family consists of the trumpet, tuba, French horn, and trombone, but the fact that they are made of brass (or other metals) is not what distinguishes them as such.  The classification of brass winds comes from how sound is produced in these instruments.  Brass winds consist of series of valves, slides, and keys change the length of the tubing capable of picking up vibrations, allowing the instrument to change harmonic series. The player then changes the harmonic from the selected series using the shape and air pressure exerted by their mouth.

Brass winds serve as the foundational backbone of most non string orchestras due to the loudness and power that they produce. This loudness does not mean that they are “brutish” or jarring by any means, as a skilled player will know how to manipulate their air flow to produce a desired sound without it being overly forceful or abrupt. Among the brass winds, trumpets are the most popular as their size, relatively light force of air required to produce sound, and versatility makes them a good entry point into brass winds.

Jazz legends such as Miles Davis have shown the versatility of brass winds and that through practice and dedication you can quite literally make a trumpet sing. The tuba, trombone, and French horn not only round out the profiles of an ensemble but individually they produce some of the most unique sounds in music. All in all, brass winds are enjoyable but difficult instruments to play. However, there are few other instruments that allow you to throw your entire essence into them quite like brass winds.

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