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Electric Pianos:

Similar to the electronic drum-set, the electronic piano is an electro-mechanical instrument that uses analog parts coupled with electric pickups to produce sound. When a player taps a key, a hammer strikes a wire that then transmits an electronic signal to an amplifier, allowing it to be louder than an acoustic piano. Although they were initially created in 1929, they were not frequently used in popular music until the 1950s after famous performers like Duke Ellington and Sun Ra produced hits using them. After Ray Charles 1959 “What’d I Say”, their popularity exploded, reaching its peak in the 70s as newer, more lightweight versions became available.

As with many things born out of technology, the electronic piano evolved into the digital piano in the 2010s and uses a purely electronic system to produce sound. In addition to decreased weight and interface overhauls, the digital piano can also play any number of programmable sounds, which many musicians of all genres take full advantage of. Rock musicians use them to simulate the sound of an organ on stage while techno performers use synthesizer esque sounds. The possibilities are endless.

Digital pianos are also significantly more cost effective if you don’t have to have a full-fledged grand piano, making them a go to for students, amateurs, as well as traveling pros. They’re also perfect for producers or someone who wants a bit of everything all in one instrument, as most are usually pre-programmed with 88 keys worth of orchestral, percussion, and guitar sounds, not to mention the dozens of other sound sets. If value for cost and flexibility are what you want in a piano, then look no further than a digital piano.

Digital Keyboards Available

Keyboard Accessories Available

AC Adapters:

  • Yamaha PA130
  • Yamaha PA150


  • Casio Pbench
  • Yamaha PKBB1
  • Yamaha BB1

Sustain Pedals:

  • CasioSP3
  • Casio SP33 3 Peadl Unit
  • Yamaha FC5
  • Yamaha FC4A
  • Yamaha LP1B /P125B
  • Yamaha LP7A / DGX660B


  • Yamaha RH1C
  • Yamaha HPH-50B
  • Yamaha HPH-100B
  • Samson SASR350
  • Samson SASR850


  • Casio CS67BK
  • Casio ARDX
  • Yamaha PKBS1
  • Yamaha PKBX2
  • Yamaha PKBZ1
  • Yamaha L121B / P125B
  • Yamaha L85 / P45B