Rental Return Policy

Renting an instrument from Music Showcase is easy- and so is returning your instrument!

Before you return your instrument, please consider the following options:

  1. It is a rent-to-own program, so if your student is going to continue playing the instrument, then you may want to consider continuing your rental. Once you return the instrument, then any money that you have paid towards the balance will not be able to be carried over to your next rental instrument.
  2. Save money by purchasing your instrument early. We offer a 30% discount off your balance anytime that you would like to purchase it.
  3. Exchange your instrument if your child would like to play a different or upgraded one. We will take half the money that you put towards the first rental instrument and apply it to the payoff off your next rental instrument as long as you do a consecutive exchange.

But if you are interested in returning, then you have that option. It is best to return the instrument to the Brandon store before your due date, so you have the assurance that it has been returned and you receive the paperwork for the account being closed. If that is not convenient for you, please CALL THE RENTAL DEPARTMENT (813-685-5998) TO SEE IF IT CAN BE PICKED AT YOUR CHILD’S SCHOOL. Our education representative visits schools on a weekly basis, so a prior arrangement must be made in advance for the rep to try to pick up the rental instrument. Once confirmation is given that the rep can try to pick up the instrument, then you can fill out the form below. The rep will not pick up instruments  during summer, any school breaks, or in-service days)! There are also no guarantees that the instrument will be picked up and you are still responsible for the rental instrument until it is at the store.

Please ensure that the student takes out all personal items from the case (cleaning supplies, books, pencils, etc), and leaves just the instrument, mouthpiece (for band), and bow (for orchestral instruments) in the case. There is a checklist that our representatives can forward to you to ensure everything is returned with the instrument.  If something is missing or damaged, additional costs will be incurred and the renter will be responsible for those charges.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call us at 813-685-5998, or contact us via email at

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