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Woodwind Instruments:

If you’ve ever watched a film set in Medieval times, you’ve probably heard a woodwind.  The high tones and energetic choruses produced by instruments such as the flute serve as the perfect backdrop for rowdy tavern scenes or Monty Python sketches. Their use in comedic era pieces does not diminish their value to music as a whole however, and woodwinds are among the most complex and carefully crafted instruments out there, capable of producing a myriad of sounds and atmospheres.

Woodwinds are old…very old, with one flute found in Eastern Europe dating back to around 50000 BCE and was made out of bear bone! For much of human history woodwinds and drums dominated the music scene. The flute as a concept gave rise to the other forms of woodwinds including the clarinet, and saxophone. Despite being made of brass, the saxophone uses a wooden reed and, like the clarinet, comes in bass, alto, and soprano variatons, with more subtle variations between, each hitting a different octave.

Woodwinds function by the passage of air from one’s lips over a reed, causing that reed to vibrate. This vibrating air travels down the length of a flute or clarinet and exits a series of holes, each tuned to produce a different note. Players then press down or release the holes to change the note they’re trying to play. Woodwinds are diverse and warm instruments with some producing delicate sounds like a flute or powerful room filling sounds like a baritone sax and they are a favorite of Jazz musicians and high school students alike.

Woodwind Instruments Available


  • Gemeinhart
  • Yamaha


  • Gemeinhart
  • Yamaha


  • Yamaha


Bass Clarinet:

Alto Sax:

Tenor Sax:

Baritone Sax:

  • Yamaha

Woodwind Accessories Available


  • I Care


  • Rico
  • Vandoren
  • Jones
  • Emerald


  • Yamaha
  • Fobes
  • Caravan
  • Rascher
  • Vandoren


  • APM
  • Yamaha
  • Rovner


  • APM
  • Yamaha
  • Deg


  • ProTec