About José

Specialization: Drums and Bass guitar

José Cochez started playing drums at the age of 15 with Metal bands in his home country of Panama. During his early years as a musician, he started playing violin and viola, started composing music using MIDI, and became obsessed with the music of Frank Zappa. He soon turned his attention to Jazz, Fusion, and Modern Classical Music.

Pursuing musical studies, he enrolled in the University of South Florida, in Tampa. He studied Jazz Drums with Steve Davis, and Composition & Electronic Music with Paul Reller, earning a triple degree in 2009. Since then, José has been very active musician in the Tampa Bay Area, playing a range of musical styles as well as writing and arranging music for the projects he is involved with. He currently arranges and plays for “Credit: 0,” a band that performs live renditions of Video Game Music.

Besides music, José ’s other hobbies include: Video Games, Chess, and Yoga. He has been very involved in Tampa’s Retro Gaming community, and has been running a chess club for over 5 years.

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Frank Zappa


Video Games, Chess, and Yoga

February 27, 2024
Category: Teacher Tuesday