Miguel Oquendo


Bachelor in Music Studies Voice


Panama City, Panama

Where do you currently teach?

Barrington Middle School

What subjects do you currently teach?

Chorus and Vocal Ensemble

How did your journey begin?

In 9th grade I signed up for the wrong class. Didn’t realize boys glee had anything to do with singing. I thought it was a P.E. Class! I had great teachers that inspired me to continue.


teaching, watching sports especially going to Bucs games, painting, and house projects.

The coolest/most daring/out of the box experience you have had:

Driving 24 from Oklahoma to Florida without stopping and then 24 hours back!!

The most important thing in your life:


One piece of advice for students:

No matter what your dreams are understand that you have to work hard to accomplish them!!!

“Working really hard is what successful people do” Denzel Washington

August 18, 2020
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Category: Teacher Tuesday

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